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"I was accepted to Aydın Adnan Menderes University's computer engineering program in 2018. After successfully completing one year of English preparatory class, I began my four-year education in 2019, and I completed my studies in 2023. During this process, I took computer science courses where I gained proficiency in various algorithms and programming languages. I am interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence courses that I have taken in the last two years, so my goal is to focus on these subjects and specialize in these fields in the future. Additionally, I have received professional training in motorcycle riding, and besides engineering, I also aim to specialize in this field in my daily life."

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Liquid Food Anlyzer

Adnan Menderes University – Project Intern During my internship at the university, under the guidance of my supervisor, I acquired valuable experience in my field of study. Together, we successfully constructed a liquid food analyzer hardware system, complemented by the development of essential software for comprehensive liquid food analysis. Additionally, we designed and built a customized CNC plotter to facilitate the precise drawing of circuits within the liquid food analyzer environment. This internship not only enhanced my practical skills but also deepened my understanding of the complexities associated with advanced analytical instrumentation

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